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High Resolution Aerial Imaging!

Our Services Includes!

Bird's Eye Drone Imaging, LLC is an FAA authorized commercial drone operator. 
We provide High Resolution Aerial Images for both commercial and private clients in multiple still & video formats up to 4K for uses including:
Click here for a quick video introduction into the world of Bird's Eye Drone Imaging!

  • Aerial video filming, editing and production for use in website and social media advertising.

  • Aerial imaging for real estate, insurance, architecture, engineering, land/crop surveying, and other related professional activities.

  • Aerial video for television, public events, private parties, music videos and cinematography.

  • Aerial inspection/photography of commercial utility infrastructure including electrical power lines, wind turbines and cell towers and more.

  • Aerial live video streaming real time through YouTube.

  • Aerial live video feed to assist with search and rescue operations when requested by local authorities or government officials.

  • Aerial panoramic photography, spherical imaging, 360 spherical image production and image hosting at birdseyesphericals.com


Here is the full 360 Spherical image.

Introducing Bird's Eye Drone Imaging New
360 Spherical Hosting Service

Bird's Eye Drone Imaging is capable of taking incredibly detailed panoramic images.  These images can be manipulated into amazingly emersive and interactive 360 degree Spherical Images.  These huge images are close to 100 mb in size and require hosting on a webserver in order to be viewed on most devices.  While we provide clients all the files neccssary to place these images on their own website, many have found that just one single image can take up more space than they have available for their entire website.  BirdsEyeSpherical.com is an easy way for clients to host their images for just $3 a month or $30 a year.  We take care of the code and hosting and you give a simple link that opens into a beautiful 360 Spherical image just like the one above. 

The above image of the Medina Square was completely processed in house. This includes the shooting, editing, image stitching, HTML code and hosting!  The fly in from the opening point overhead to the focus point, in this case the court house, is all custom and can be done between any two points. The nadir point overhead or any point within the sphere for that matter can be customized with any image, text or logo you chose.          Why not highlight your own business with a custom 360 Spherical image of your own!!!


Aerial Imaging made Easy!

Customized aerial imaging tailored to you

Flexibility is the key to airpower!  That old Air Force term that still rings true today.  My secret is to work with you on your terms and schedule.  Your input during a photo session is the key to getting the results you are looking for.  Images can be easily previewed during and after flights.  Any additional angles or shots can be added right on the spot..  Your input is not only welcomed but eagerly desired to help get the images you want.  Vist our Gallery for a visual tour.

Some common questions and important notes.

A Few Quick Facts

FAA Authorization

Bird's Eye Drone Imaging LLC. is a fully insured, licensed part 107 commercial drone operator.

Necessary Advanced Notice

Aerial drone filming requires a minimum of 24 hour advanced notice.  Required airspace notices can only be set up during a 24-48 hour window prior to flight.


Bird's Eye Drone Imaging is are fully insured for commercial aerial operations, maintaining a One Million Dollar liability insurance policy.


Closed Set Production

Operations for the purpose of closed-set motion picture and television filming are permitted under Bird's Eye Drone Imaging's COA.

Closed Set Advanced Notice

Closed-set motion picture and television production require 3 days advanced notice for proper FAA authorization.  Special circumstances may allow for less time.

Certified Remote Pilots Association of America

Bird's Eye Drone Imaging is also one of the founding members of the Certified Remote Pilots Association of America.  CRPAA vets all members, ensuring that they are certified remote pilots meeting the federal aviation requirements for small Unmanned Aerial Systems. 


Contact Info

You can reach Cap Art at: 440-570-2835


                  CRPAA Certifide

Serving Medina Ohio and surrounding Counties!

Captain Art at: 440-570-2835 or BirdsEyeDrone@gmail.com

Custom Services: Safety allowing, all of our missions are flown according to your specific requirements!

15 Minutes Flight Time!

With 15 minutes of flight time, a lot can be accomplished on each flight.  Multiple batteries allow us to do mission after mission.

Large Group Photos!

Large group photos are no problem for a drone.  Are ability to pull back combined with wide angle lenses make this easy.

Incredible High Res Detail!

Wide format High Resolution images allow you to zoom into individual nuts and bolts to check on condition and damage.


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Eye in the Sky!

A fully charged battery has 23 minutes of total flight time available leaving us with 8 minutes of reserve upon landing.  This makes for a safe operation and increases overall battery life.

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Say Cheese!

Wide angle lenses are especially well suited for capturing a very  large viewing area outside.  Their panoramic eyes are well suited to the huge vistas one can view from above.

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Instant Inspections!

Aerial inspections don't just stop at towers.  Images of roof shingles, gutters, vents, chimneys, wind turbines and many other structures are possible.

A COMPLETE   Safe   Professional & Fun Photographic Experience!
--- Custom & Personal Experience ---
Contact Captain Art at 440-570-2835 for a consultation and a free quote.

Imaging From a Higher Perspective!